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doko soliciting art and creative work

Author Chris

Shanghai is a great place. It's convenient, diverse and vibrent. You can encounter many people and things that you can't anywhere else. But Shanghai is also exhausting. People talk about stocks, aparment loans, care about Hermes and Mercedes. It seems something is missing here, something spiritual.


We, doko, want to deliver the message that there are lot more things that deserves our attention. Non material things like art and culture. Therefore we start soliciting art and creative work from our readership.

No matter if it's painting, photography or writing, no matter if it's dancing, singing or tatoos, any form of creative art is welcome. Art is life. As long as you are creative, we would like to exhibit it.

How to submit your work

Click here to send us a message and brief introduction of your art or creative work.

We will also organize an online gallery for selected pieces to showcase your talent.

If you have talented friends, please recommend them to us. The best reward is allowing more people to see his or her talent and receive the attention that they deserve.

If you too think there should be more to life in Shanghai or want to find something more spiritual, please help and share the message.

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