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Nothing is more exciting than having your own business. It takes guts to say goodby to a regular paycheck, health insurance and paid vacation. Sometimes it happens because you saw an opportunity, sometimes it's the only thing left.

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To make a living from what you’re passioned about you need to let others know what you're doing. You need to market yourselve, your services or your products. That's where the hassle starts. In todays world the largest advertising channels force you to bid against each other, for data mined from you in the first place.

What you really need is a simple and direct way to instantly publish offers to like-minded people around you. Thats's why we built doko Timely Offers, the marketplace for Apple users. It's nothing more than Sensible Living.

We are now in the process of adding 2 agents to each category in every major city.

If you are the owner of a brick & mortar store, pop up store, e-commerce site or app drop us a quick line.

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