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Your car spies on you

doko staff

Alone in your car? Maybe, but not really.

Your car spies on you
Most modern cars have up to 200 sensors that constantly collect data. Sim card equipped transmitters send automatically complete data packages to the manufacturer. A flood of information becomes available not only about the car but also about the car owner.
A few examples:
  • GPS data
  • Odometer reading
  • Speed
  • Fuel consumption
  • Lights
  • Safety belt tensioner
  • Seat recline angle
  • Inserted music

That information creates a comprehensive owner profile, including driving style, travel routes, time and intensity of vehicle use.

70% of car owners are unaware that data is collected. It is also unclear what car manufacturers do with your data, how that data is protected, how long and where it is stored.

Collected data is used in warranty disputes and likely made available to governmental agencies without your knowledge or consent.

Vehicle data is big money, it's one of the main reasons why car manufacturers and autonomous car software developers have trouble coming to terms with each other. One thing we know, Apple is concerned about data privacy, something others care less about or not at all.

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