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How to use physical store offers

Discover what is being offered around you this very moment. Show up at the right time and place and take advantage of limited special goods and services.

Tap here for how to use online store offers.

How to use physical store offers on iOS

You need to download the doko Timely Offers app and be a doko member before you can use offers. Complete these steps first, then continue here.

Cost: Our app and service is free to consumers. doko is not an eCommerce platform, payments take place directly between you and brands.

Time required: Travel time to the location.

Requirements: doko Timely Offers app installed on your iOS device. Be at the location when the offer is valid (green button).

  1. Be at the location when the offer is active.
  2. Present the offer to the store staff.
  3. At the “point of sale”, tap the green button to validate the offer contactless by bluetooth
  4. or manually by a 4-digit code provided by the staff.

Don’t forget to rate the transaction. Other members and the brand rely on your honest comments.

How to rate and comment on iOS

  1. In the menu-bar, tap “doko Timely Offers”.
  2. Tap the top right menu icon > Rate > select offer for comment
  3. Swipe of stars to desired rating.
  4. Write a constructive comment that helps others and the business.