How to publish online store offers

Online store offers provide you with the opportunity to promote virtual or physical goods on your e-commerce site, booking engine, app downloads, in-app purchases, subscriptions or any virtual store.

Tap here for how to publish physical store offers.

Offers are date and location specific, allowing you to target a specific city or a whole country.

How to publish a online store offer on iOS

You need to be a doko member and upgraded your account. Complete these steps first, then continue here.

Cost: Publishing your first offer is free. Get more charge packages with additional bonuses as you publish more offers. You can pay through Apple Pay, AliPay or PayPal.

Time required: 8 minutes.

Requirements: An app in the iTunes store, an in-app purchase function, an e-commerce site, booking engine or any virtual store that accepts voucher codes.

  1. In the menu-bar, tap “Publish”.
  2. Tap “Create Online store offer”.
  3. Tap the camera icon. Take a good product photo with your camera or choose a photo from Photos.
  4. Create an offer title that includes keywords.
  5. Create an offer description with further details.
  6. Tap “Offer availability” > set start / end date > tap “Done”.
  7. Create a short member description that includes keywords.
  8. Tap “Online store”
  9. Tap “Store name”, this the online store name displayed on your offer.
  10. Select “Store type” > The default is “Web”, select “App” if your offer is for iTunes connect.
  11. Tap “URL” and enter the the direct link to your offer.
  12. Tap “Done”.
  13. Tap and select that category your offer represents.
  14. Indicate if your store accepts Apple Pay.
  15. Tap “Country & region” > select the country you want your offer to be published in. > tap “Done”.
  16. Tap “City” if you would like to target a specific city within the country you’ve selected before.
  17. Tap “Voucher code” and enter the voucher code your own store admin provides you.
  18. Tap “Number issues” and enter the number of offers you make available. If you have six iPhone covers to sell, enter 6, if you have a single item for sale, enter 1. Each offer you publish occurs a nominal publishing fee.
  19. Tap “Save”, your offer has been saved.
  20. Tap “Submit” for approval or tap “Later” for further editing.
Publish online store offer
Start to create an online store offer.

Offers go online immediately upon approval or within 24 hours if set to a future start date.