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How to become a doko member

A doko membership allows you to take immediate advantage of any offer you see on doko.
As a member you can favorite a brand and stay in direct contact with them for all upcoming offers. Your Membership also allows you to rate and comment on products and services. Unlike other platforms, on doko.com, only members who actually used a physical store offer can rate and write a review. This allows you to patronize brands who respect their customers.

How to become a doko member on iOS

Time required: 2 minutes.

Cost: doko membership is free and your data will stay private.

Download the app from iTunes app store An email address.
Be an Apple user.

  1. Tap “Become a member”.
  2. Select “Individual” or “Company”. Keep in mind that you can immediately upgrade your account to publish offers. Commercial entities however need to choose a company account for verification purposes.
  3. Choose a good username. This name can’t be changed once your account has been created.
  4. Enter your email address > tap “Sign up”.
  5. Enter your password > tap “Done”.
  6. A time sensitive email is sent, make sure it didn’t wind up in your junk mail, so check your email immediately or you might loose your username.
  7. Tap the link in the email.
  8. Congratulation, you are now a doko member.

Enjoy and don’t forget to upgraded your account. On doko anybody can create offers.

Become a doko member
Become a doko member is simple