iOS Developer, swift

iOS Developer, Swift

Posted: April 22, 2018
English: Business level

Job summary

This is a part-time / contract job. We're working hard to run our business profitably so we can be around for a long time, so we take small steps as we hire.

You can work from anywhere. We're a fully remote team spread across different cities.

Job Description

Seeking a creative and highly motivated engineer to design, build and maintain iOS, macOS and watchOS applications.


  • Passion for developing seamless user experiences
  • Ability to find simpler solutions to existing complex problems and workflows
  • Object-oriented design and programming skills
  • Established history of writing clean, maintainable code
  • Demonstrated ability for creative and critical thinking
  • Ability to write high-performance code and architect complex systems
  • Aptitude for working constructively with designers and teammates on the design of new features
  • Experience building interactive applications
  • Swift and Objective-C development experience
  • Strong Xcode development environment experience

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