Status codes

Explanations of the offer status codes.

Offer status

Draft - Offer saved as draft.
Next: submit for approval.

Submitted - Offer waiting for approval.
Next: wait for doko notification.

Approved - Offer has been approved.
Next: wait for the start date and time.

Pre-active - Offer visible to members.
Next: soon to be active.

Active - Offer is online and active.
Next: check Dashboard for its performance.

Post-active - Offer is still online but no longer active.
Next: check Dashboard for its performance.

Finished - Offer has ended.
Next: duplicate, keep or delete offer.

Declined - See Offer Decline Code.
Next: fix issue and submit again for approval.

Offer decline codes

Explanations of decline codes.

1.0 - Offer provides no value.

1.1 - Doesn't meet doko's caliber of style.

1.2 - Issues with member description.

2.0 - General text issue.

2.1 - Issues with offer title.

2.2 - Issue with offer description.

3.0 - Issue with category choice.

4.0 - Issue with offer period.

4.1 - Issue with offer start date.

4.2 - Issue with offer end date.

5.0 - Issue with day selection.

6.0 - Issue with offer time period.

6.1 - Issue with offer start time.

6.2 - Issue with offer end time.

7.0 - Issue with address.

The address must be in a valid format so that your location can be found easily.

Correct entry for floor: 15F
Do not enter: 15, 15th Floor or 15 Floor.

7.1 - Issue with GPS information.

8.0 - Online store issue.

8.1 - Issue with website URL.

8.2 - Issue with App URL.

9.0 - General image issue.

9.1 - Image doesn't fit doko's caliber of style.

9.2 - Image is inappropriate or offensive.

9.3 - Image quality insufficient.