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doko ,一个集合了有 Sense 的人和品牌的市场


实体店礼遇用于门店、集市、 Pop-up 店、活动或任何特定地点。

网店礼遇用于电商、预订系统、 App 下载、 App 内购买、订阅或任何虚拟店。

专为 Apple 用户服务。


使用 doko 发布礼遇轻松、快捷,无需任何编程技术。
探索一种全新的、简单快捷的方式进行线上推广。 0 成本启动。

doko, a marketplace for people and brands with sense

Find timely offers when and where you want them.
Explore a fun new way to find offers you love.

Physical store offers for brick & mortar stores, marketplaces, pop up stores, events or any specific location.

Online store offers for e-commerce sites, booking engines, app downloads, in-app purchases, subscriptions or any virtual store.

Exclusively for Apple users.

Own a business?

On doko, publishing offers is easy and instant, no programming required.
Explore a completely new and swift way to promote online. Zero cost to start.